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BitMEX breaks daily volume record by 3x with over 140K bitcoins traded

BitMEX, the Seychelles incorporated bitcoin-based trading platform wholly owned by HDR Global Trading Limited today announced it achieved yet another record day in trading volume. With the big run-up in bitcoin’s price since October 2016 came with it a lot of volume across trading venues.

Today bitcoin experienced a sharp pull-back which sparked heavy volatility. Chinese currency policy seems to be the main driving force of headline risk in bitcoin at the moment and is something all cryptocurrency traders are monitoring carefully. Earlier in the day, bitcoin went down with the risk-off selling occurring across markets. Bitcoin’s 2013 high around $1175 is proving to be solid resistance for the time being.

BitMEX officially reported today that 140,000 bitcoins traded in 24 hours, for its best-ever volume day, smashing its 2016 record by over 3x. Prior to this new record hit today, a day before on Tuesday, the exchange surpassed its then all-time record with over 83,000 bitcoin traded during that 24 hour period.

So we have now seen back to back all-time high volume days both in USD and bitcoin terms on the advanced derivatives exchange. January is off to quite a start for bitcoin and its cryptocurrency peers, liquidity is definitely improving and technology is holding up well as no exchanges to our knowledge have reported any major outages or glitches with all the increased volume.


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