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CryptoNinjas is a global news and market research hub which supplies economic and industry information about the emerging cryptocurrency sector, and the growing bitcoin economy, the leading digital asset.

CryptoNinjas prides itself on timely and quality market updates to support users, governments, institutions, and businesses better understand the potential there is for and to better make sense of the cryptocurrency realm.

As a go-to information source for traders and executives alike, we highlight important information regarding business deals within the virtual currency sector while also providing quality fundamental and technical analysis on bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies from professional commodities traders.

We also report general information concerning daily exchange updates, regulation, vendor technology releases, events and information on “Who’s Who” in the industry.

CryptoNinjas aims to be a benchmark website for economic relationships between the traditional finance industry and the burgeoning blockchain asset space. We support the use of cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technology which enables its technological advantage.