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Cryptocurrency is derived from the word cryptography, which refers to the consensus keeping process secured by strong cryptography. Blockchain technology functions in managing and maintaining a growing set of data blocks by using the decentralized or known as the P to P, peer to peer network. In blockchain, once a piece of data is recorded it cannot be edited or changed.

Bitfury and PatentBot launch blockchain powered copyright protection

The Bitfury Group today announced a new partnership with PatentBot to use blockchain to digitally timestamp copyright documents, providing a secure and permanent way to prove authorship and protect intellection property. PatentBot is a bot-registrar of trademarks,…

Blockchain rendering platform RNDR reveals data from its Q2 beta testing survey

Blockchain-based rendering platform RNDR has revealed data from its Q2 beta testing survey, supporting the conclusion that its global decentralized network of graphics processing units (GPUs) is powering one of the world’s largest cloud network of its…

Winding Tree works with Sciant to make HTNG travel distribution compatible with its blockchain

Winding Tree, an open-source blockchain-based travel distribution platform, is announcing today a partnership with Sciant in order to make Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG) standards compatible with the Winding Tree platform. Winding Tree is working together with Sciant,…

NEO and Arqit form quantum resistant blockchain research partnership

NEO, the global Chinese originated public blockchain project with a steadily growing ecosystem today announced that NEO Global Development (NGD) will be partnering with Arqit on quantum resistance research with a shared vision of facilitating blockchain industry…

Realecoin launching tokenized real estate security using Securitize

Realecoin, a real estate fund built on the Ethereum blockchain, announced today plans to launch a new digital security designed to offer 24/7 liquidity to a traditionally illiquid investment vehicle. Realecoin is working on the offering in…

Decred launches Politeia self-governance system with release of $20 million treasury

Decred (DCR) a cryptocurrency altcoin with built-in governance today announced the launch of Politeia, the much-anticipated project proposal decision-making system which is designed to serve as the ideal self-governance infrastructure.

NEM to provide blockchain backend for Kind Heaven’s entertainment venue in Las Vegas

Kind Heaven, the immersive entertainment experience opening next year on the Las Vegas Strip, today announced it has selected NEM as its blockchain partner. Through this agreement, Kind Heaven will integrate blockchain technology using the NEM platform, with…

CyberMiles launches mainnet of public blockchain for e-commerce

CyberMiles, a new public blockchain designed and optimized specifically for e-commerce applications has announced the release of its ‘Travis’ mainnet. Following closely the introduction of Lity, CyberMiles’ new programming language, and its virtual machine (CVM), the fully-tested and complete CyberMiles blockchain… Foundation to launch Blockchain Hub in Melbourne

The Foundation has set its sights on expanding Australia’s thriving blockchain ecosystem by launching a new blockchain hub in Melbourne. The new hub in Melbourne will serve as a central location for blockchain innovation where dedicated…

XYO Network and RE/MAX México to bring blockchain transactions to real estate sales

XYO Network, a proof of location protocol that connects the blockchain to the real world announced they have partnered with RE/MAX México to bring new distributed, blockchain functionality to multiple stages of the real estate management process….

Blockchain based music data tracking platform Utopia Music acquires ISPY Group

Utopia Music, the company behind data analysis and blockchain-powered tracking and attribution platforms, is building towards its goal of creating a more transparent and efficient music ecosystem, with the announcement of the acquisition of ISPY Group, a…

Apollon welcomes LAPO Blockchain on its masterode platform

Blockchain financial ecosystem LAPO announced today it has partnered with Apollon (XAP), a company that provides services to create masternodes. The partnership offers LAPO Coin holders an easy way to set-up their masternodes through a software without worrying about servers and without…

Blockchain supply chain network SUKU partners with Blockdaemon for node deployment

Citizens Reserve, a blockchain tech company that recently unveiled ‘supply chain-as-a-service’ platform SUKU, has announced a partnership with blockchain orchestration platform, Blockdaemon. Utilizing blockchain technology to tackle the issues of transparency, efficiency, and product visibility in legacy…

Blockstream launches the Liquid Network sidechain

Blockstream, the blockchain technology, and financial cryptography infrastructure company today announced the launch of the Liquid Network, an inter-exchange settlement network connecting cryptocurrency exchanges, market makers, brokers, and financial institutions. Liquid is a sidechain built on the…

Privacy coin, Zcoin, expands its smart assets capability with ‘Exodus protocol’

Zcoin, an open source, decentralized privacy coin enabled by the Zercoin protocol announced today implementation of the Exodus protocol to facilitate the exchange of smart assets and allows for customized tokens or smart programmable money to be…