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Blockstream releases Liquid Network bitcoin sidechain full node and wallet

Blockstream, the blockchain technology and financial cryptography infrastructure provider today has announced the availability of the Liquid full node binaries and source code. Now any user can join the P2P Liquid Network by operating a full…

COINiD Group launches new app for improved bitcoin storage

COINiD Group today announced the live launch of their new bitcoin (BTC) storage solution that prioritizes user security, has full SegWit support, allows transaction batching and offers offline storage without the need to purchase specialized hardware….

Austria’s Bitpanda cuts fees on cash voucher purchases of cryptocurrency

In July 2017, European bitcoin exchange BitPanda launched a new service called “BitPanda to go“ which allowed for a new, fast, safe and inexpensive way to access Bitcoin at Österreichische Post AG branches all over Austria….

Cindicator debunks belief in correlation between bitcoin (BTC) futures expiry and price drops

Cindicator, a company which develops predictive Hybrid Intelligence (human + artificial intelligence) for effective asset management, today published a report “Bitcoin Futures: Market Evolution,” a new analysis of the emerging market for bitcoin (BTC)…

trueDigital to list first margined, physically-delivered bitcoin (BTC) swaps

trueDigital announced today it will launch the first margined, physically-delivered bitcoin swap contracts. trueDigital will initially list contracts in the next three serial months and quarterly maturities, with settlement on the last Friday of each maturity month. bitcoin wallet now supports BIP-70, a platform for cryptocurrency users, miners and developers, today announced the wallet will integrate Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 70 (BIP-70) for processing bitcoin payments between customers and merchants. BIP-70 provides a streamlined protocol for secure…

Crypto payroll company Bitwage integrates SegWit for Bitcoin

Bitwage, a cryptocurrency payroll company today announced the implementation and direct support for Segregated Witness (SegWit) addresses for bitcoin payroll outputs. Benefits, of course, will see reduced fees from SegWit implementation and allow the…

Bitcoin or Ethereum: Which is Better to Buy?

Cryptocurrencies, also known as virtual money, appeared on the world stage in 2008 and since that time they have been exhilarating heads and captivating minds and hearts of crypto enthusiasts and the common public…

SegWit adoption for Bitcoin slowly but surely on the rise

The cryptocurrency industry is indisputably leagues from where it began. However, it’s easy to lose perspective among the headlines, which preach bitcoin’s demigod status among financial markets yet also call for its replacement with…

BitQuick reintroduces its Bitcoin Compliance API

BitQuick, a US instant buying and selling Bitcoin marketplace has relaunched its Compliance API. Initially released in 2015, it allows state and federally regulated businesses to access customer data in order to remain compliant…

Forbes releases first-ever Crypto Rich List

Forbes is releasing the first-ever Crypto Rich List, a compilation of the 20 wealthiest people in crypto. “Our first-ever Crypto Rich list provides a snapshot of a pivotal moment, part of the transparency needed to… bitcoin futures domain up for auction

The domain name is currently up for sale in an online auction that is set to close on February 4th, 2018. The domain is widely associated with cryptocurrencies and has sparked interest from… wallet improves Bitcoin transaction fee choices, the popular bitcoin wallet application from Bitmain Technologies announced today it has released updated options for Bitcoin network fee transactions in order to give users more liberty to choose the preferred fee that…

Bitfury unveils multiuse solution for analyzing related BTC addresses

The Bitfury Group blockchain technology company and its global development team today detailed a new solution to help reveal relationships between bitcoin addresses that minimizes errors in data and ensures greater accuracy in linking…

Solactive launches exclusive index for Cboe bitcoin futures

German financial index firm Solactive announced today they are originating the Solactive Bitcoin Front Month Rolling Futures 5D Index, an index tracking the performance of XBT futures listed on Cboe Global Markets (Cboe). On…