DAO platform Dao Bull named winner of the EOSIO Beyond Blockchain Hackathon

Winning team develops innovative decentralized application to create new online communities instantly...

DAO platform Dao Bull named winner of the EOSIO Beyond Blockchain Hackathon

Block.one, a software firm specializing in high-performance blockchain technologies & EOSIO developer, today announced that Dao Bull has been named the winner of the EOSIO Beyond Blockchain Hackathon. This hackathon challenged participants to develop solutions that leverage the power of EOSIO blockchain technology and the latest in cloud computing to create a project with potential significant global impact.

Winner: Dao Bull

Dao Bull created a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) platform that enables users to set up their own network in minutes. A DAO is a company or organization built on an open-source blockchain protocol that functions without a management structure and without the need for intermediaries.

By uniting people through a set of rules, Dao Bull leverages the benefits of blockchain and cloud-based systems so that organizations can operate fairly and transparently, and so that they scale for future growth by incorporating features like social amplification and third-party app integration. Dao Bull will create models that empower users to manage finances, shareholders, and the community’s governance structure without relying on a centralized management system.

“Blockchain introduced the idea that online communities could operate beyond the traditional confines of a centralized system, creating their own set of governance models that aligned with their strategic objectives. Dao Bull has helped expand access to communities around the world by providing a platform that empowers groups to stand up their own DAO nearly instantaneously. We host hackathons like these to encourage innovative, impactful projects like Dao Bull’s, and we’re excited to see the Dao Bull team further develop their model.”
– Block.one’s SVP of Public Blockchain Engagement, Kevin Rose

Dao Bull Screenshot

Runners up for the Beyond Blockchain Hackathon; whose successful entries demonstrate the diversity and breadth of the solutions submitted include:

Attracting more than 1,300 participants spanning 107 countries, the EOSIO Beyond Blockchain Hackathon provided the tools and framework for developers to participate in the evolution of blockchain technology by combining it with cloud-based systems to create novel solutions.

Last year, Block.one’s “Coding for Change” virtual hackathon focused on solving issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The winner, Lifebank, leveraged EOSIO blockchain technology for an app that enabled users to create EOS accounts to manage their entire blood donation process, from validating donors to registering local businesses as sponsors in exchange for receiving a life token.