Ambrpay’s Ethereum (ETH) recurring payments DApp added to MEW

Ambrpay’s crypto recurring payments DApp added to MEW - CryptoNinjas

MEW (MyEtherWallet), the popular user interface and wallet client for the Ethereum blockchain, announced today it has added Ambrpay’s decentralized recurring payments tool to the MEW DApps page.

Ambrpay’s payment system supports Ethereum (ETH)-based subscription payments/recurring transactions via smart contracts. With Ambrpay in MEW, anyone can set up recurring ETH payments right from their wallet to facilitate a wide variety of transactions.

Use-Cases Include

“As the decentralized internet grows, many more sites and platforms are sure to begin accepting crypto for subscription and membership payments.”
– The MEW Team

Easy Operation Steps

  1. Add funds to the Ambrpay contract within MEW.
  2. Fill in the information for the recurring payment. This includes: the address where the payments will go, the amount for each payment, and the interval period in days.
  3. After the payment has been set up, users can view the subscription by clicking ‘My Subscriptions’ on the main Ambrpay DApp page.
Ambrpay’s decentralized subscription payments tool added to the MEW DApps page.

Note, MEW charges a 1% automation fee for each payment.