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Komodo Platform ready to soft launch new HyperDEX UI

Komodo Platform, a blockchain technology ecosystem is ready to launch a new user-friendly interface for BartexDEX, its decentralized exchange system. The soft launch is currently scheduled for May 21st.

Komodo partners with Beijing-based venture capital fund

Komodo, a blockchain technology group and pioneer of the innovative atomic swap technology, is entering a strategic partnership agreement with ValueNet Capital, a blockchain asset venture capital fund based in Beijing.

Komodo BarterDEX covers 95% of all tokens for atomic swaps

Komodo, the open-source blockchain technology group announced that its secure and universal decentralized exchange BarterDEX now covers 95% of all tokens in existence for atomic swaps.

Blockchain platform Komodo introduces decentralized ICOs with more developments underway

Komodo, a full featured platform for cryptocurrencies with native token asset KMD has announced five major developments they believe will take the platform to the forefront of the blockchain asset space.
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