Bitfury unveils new white-label bitcoin (BTC) wallet for business

The Bitfury Group, a full-service blockchain technology company, today launched a white-label bitcoin wallet to help businesses integrate bitcoin payments into their operations.

White-label mobile wallet for iOS and Android

Designed by Bitfury’s Peach payments engineering division, the Peach White-Label Wallet is a user-friendly and fully customizable mobile bitcoin wallet for businesses.

The Peach White-Label Wallet was built to be operated in-house; and will empower enterprises to offer custodial bitcoin wallets as part of their services.

Features include 3rd party integration support, a built-in Merchant Directory, and complete end-to-end design, installation and support by the Bitfury Peach team.

“Bitfury’s mission is make the world more trusted and transparent, and a critical way to achieve this is through the adoption of digital currencies. Our new white-label wallet makes it easier than ever for enterprises to accept bitcoin, which will spur consumer confidence and governmental support for digital currencies. Consumers want to use digital currencies in their everyday lives, and businesses that respond to this financial transformation will eclipse their competitors and usher in a new wave of digital commerce.”
– Chris Dickson, Head of Blockchain Solutions at Bitfury