New LATAM-based crypto exchange Banexcoin now open

Banexcoin provides real-time user verification, 24/7 technical support, and commission-free cryptocurrency deposits, along with a variety of other funding on-ramps supporting deposits from bank accounts and credit cards...

New LATAM-based crypto exchange Banexcoin now open

Banexcoin, a new cryptocurrency and blockchain asset exchange is now live and actively registering new users in Latin America. Notably, Banexcoin is an active payment gateway for Peruvian sol.

For peace of mind, Banexcoin is a registered currency exchange house with the SBS, a banking superintendency responsible for the regulation and supervision of the Peruvian financial system.

The platform is powered by AlphaPoint, a provider of white-label exchange software.

“Banexcoin’s launch represents a significant victory for Peru’s collective crypto community, providing unprecedented access to digital assets for institutional and retail traders in Peru and beyond. Banexcoin offers new and experienced traders a stellar user experience with the security and assured safety of transacting on a regulated financial institution.”
– AlphaPoint CEO and Co-Founder, Igor Telyatnikov

AlphaPoint offers an operating framework that safeguards customer information through advanced layered architecture and enhanced protocols. This means Banexcoin’s exchange meets stringent PCI DSS compliance standards, which are designed to ensure that companies accepting, processing, storing or transmitting credit card information maintain a secure environment.

“The ability to provide financial access and education to a rapidly growing market of cryptocurrency users presents a huge opportunity to support development of our area’s emerging digital economy. Blockchain, open finance, and decentralized finance creates opportunity and access for those without access to traditional financial services. This will enable them to live the life they prefer, to go after their dreams. The ability to efficiently exchange value improves quality of life.”
– Banexcoin Co-founder, Sergio Yurman Moldauer

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