EOSIO developer testnet environment launches

EOSIO launches developer testnet environment

EOSIO, a next-generation, open-source blockchain protocol, today announced the launch of the EOSIO testnet, simplifying how users develop, debug, and deploy EOSIO smart contracts for applications.

The EOSIO testnet is a public-facing testing network that follows the latest stable releases of EOSIO. Developers can test their applications knowing that smart contracts deployed on the EOSIO testnet will behave similarly to production environments running the latest stable release of EOSIO, currently EOSIO 2.

Features designed to help developers engineer their EOSIO projects:

Released in June 2018, EOSIO is one of the most active and performant blockchain platforms in the world.

Users can now create a primary account to deploy a smart contract to the testnet, push actions to a deployed smart contract, and create more accounts to test permissions and multi-user scenarios.

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