Hydro Snowflake dApp Store now live on Ethereum mainnet

Project Hydro, a global, decentralized, and open-source project, announced that the Hydro Snowflake dApp Store, utilizing the Hydro Snowflake identity protocol, has officially been launched to the Ethereum mainnet. For the past few months, the Project Hydro team has been preparing for this milestone by gathering feedback, making optimizations and testing the platform on Rinkeby (Ethereum testnet).

The dApp store is 100% open-source and built by the community. Version one started off with a proof of concept, having all the basic features needed to interact with a basic dApp. Version 2, which is the current iteration, was completely rebuilt and re-architected for scale, look, feel and usability.

Any developer can build a dApp on the store while giving them the ability to monetize that dApp by charging a fee in HYDRO. Likewise, it allows consumers to purchase the dApp of their choosing which gets tied to their Snowflake identity. Note that not all dApps have a cost as developers can choose to make their project free.

Over the past few months, Project Hydro has worked strategically to build powerful developer tools, and built relationships with other like-minded projects, so dApp devs can easily make their technology available.