Celer applying layer-2 scaling upgrades for Cocos-BCX gaming blockchain

The ultimate goal is to allow both traditional and blockchain games to thrive on CelerX

Cocos-BCX, a full-stack development platform and ecosystem for blockchain gaming, has announced a new collaboration with Celer Network, to integrate layer-2 scaling technology into the platform.

Moreover, the CelerX Gaming SDK will be integrated into the Cocos-BCX game engine and will be launched on the Cocos store. The aim is to bring both game developers and players an improved experience within the entire Cocos ecosystem.

Partnership Overview

The Cocos-BCX team aims to carry out its mission of creating an operating environment for the development and management of decentralized gaming applications and the circulation of digital assets on the blockchain.

During its development path, Cocos-BCX introduced a non-homogeneous token standard — the BCX-NHAS-1808 standard. The 1808 standard maps out a whole set of unified digital asset specifications which will build gateways for cross-chain asset exchange and circulation.

Going forward, Celer Network will apply its layer-2 scaling technology to upgrade Cocos-BCX’s speed, lower transaction costs, while also helping to promote the 1808 standard.

Since its foundation, Celer Network has been striving to advance scale to public chains like Cocos-BCX with its layer-2 scalability solution. The blockchain agnostic Celer technology stack can be easily built on any existing blockchain with the integration of the layer-1 generalized state channel contract.

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