Crypto mobile wallet AlphaWallet receives $1.2 million seed funding

AlphaWallet, a mobile cryptocurrency, and Ethereum based application wallet, today announced that it has recently completed Pre Series A funding of $1.2 million USD from a strategic group of investors which include: HashKey, Fenbushi, and LongHash.

Leading the round was HashKey Capital, a Hong Kong-based group, which focuses on developing in the blockchain and digital asset industry.

“AlphaWallet team brings deep technical capabilities and tackle the most challenging business problems: real-world token utility. With AlphaWallet’s mobile app and their work in TokenScript, people will be able to do much more than only buying and selling tokens. HashKey Capital is very pleased to join the pre-series A funding round of AlphaWallet”
– Deng Chao, CEO at HashKey Capital

These funds and new investor partners will help in accelerating efforts on building wallet products as well as TokenScript, a smart contract token protocol with various real-world use cases.

“AlphaWallet being a mobile-first company is here to change this. We’re proud of the products we’ve delivered so far as we’ve got one of the most user-friendly mobile wallets in the Ethereum ecosystem and it’s already released on both iOS and Android. What we’re developing with TokenScript will bring functionality to tokens and make it easier for developers to utilize smart contracts functions. Our aim is to establish AlphaWallet as a solid platform to serve the growth of the ecosystem and onboard the next influx of users across the various growth areas: DeFi, DAO, games and social applications with a cross-section of products.”
– The AlphaWallet Team

Roadmap Ahead

The AlphaWallet team will be focused on working with partners to bring missing functionality to crypto products with TokenScript and unlock features that will empower users and make it easier for developers to deploy their DApps.

“AlphaWallet is providing a solution to the trillion-dollar question: We now have peer-to-peer, programmable money powered by the blockchain and smart contracts, but how to integrate the business logic of the goods and services across the physical world and the digital world, concurrently let participants interact in a verifiable and fully decentralized manner.”
– Pan Chao, China Lead at MakerDAO

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