Celer Network integrating Dai into layer-2 app platform

Celer Network’s advanced layer-2 scaling technology enables interactive, secure, and low-cost blockchain applications that match the user experience of centralized apps.

Celer Network, the layer-2 blockchain scaling platform, today announced a strategic partnership with MakerDAO, the creator of Dai, the first decentralized stablecoin based on the Ethereum blockchain, to bring Dai stable tokens to Celer’s layer-2 scaling platform.

Further, Celer also announced a $10,000 Dai giveaway to users downloading CelerX, the mobile application built with Celer layer-2 scaling API and SDK.

The integration with MakerDAO will enable CelerX users to directly use Dai to send instant micropayments and play blockchain eSport games with zero blockchain transaction fee. This will allow new users who had no previous experience on blockchain to easily onboard and use cryptocurrency-based applications and games without first needing to have ETH.

“Price volatility is a major barrier for massive amount of “everyday” users to continuously use blockchain applications. MakerDAO’s solution, Dai, is the only decentralized stable token on the market right now that solves this big pain point. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to continue to work with MakerDAO to push mass adoption to blockchain application.”
– Dr. Mo Dong, cofounder of Celer


The smart-contract powered stability of the Dai token also significantly helps new CelerX users since users can avoid the high volatility of other blockchain assets. Celer’s low-cost and instant transaction capability and Dai’s stability in value makes it much easier for online and offline merchants and service providers to receive payment in cryptocurrency as well.

“Integrating Dai into CelerX brings decentralized stability to the platform, removing a critical issue that has traditionally been a barrier to adoption for gaming applications across the blockchain. The speed and low-cost benefits of Celer with the stability of Dai opens a world of opportunities for projects everywhere.”
– Rune Christensen, CEO, and CoFounder of MakerDAO

Earlier today, Celer announced the release of its alpha-mainnet, Eridanus.

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