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Crypto exchange myCryptoWallet launches EFTPOS based myCryptoCard

Crypto exchange myCryptoWallet launches EFTPOS based myCryptoCard

myCryptoWallet, an Australian bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange, today has announced that its myCryptoCard is now available to all users. The myCryptoCard is an EFTPOS reloadable swipe card designed to give users access to their cryptocurrency holdings in an easy to use fashion.

Now, users can load up their card using any of the five available cryptocurrencies directly from their smartphone, and use that money to make purchases from over 1,000,000+ POS enabled terminals across Australia.

myCryptoCard can also be used to withdraw money at ATMs, deducting the amount from your cryptocurrency balance

For this initial launch, there are zero fees to use the card, no fees to load, no fees to spend, and no fees to withdraw cash. myCryptoWallet has a limited amount of 3000 free cards available.

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