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ABCC launches ABCC Cloud for crypto asset exchange services

Cryptocurrency exchange company ABCC has announced the launch of its ABCC Cloud service. It is a SaaS solution and comprehensive infrastructure to enable strategic partners with services including data, security, operating system, OTC trading, and finance. It enables partners to build their own digital asset exchanges within a day.

By using ABCCCloud, partners can focus on business development and save manpower and resources on developing a platform from scratch. There are five core products and services – diversified enough for partners to choose based on individual needs. High liquidity and low-security risk are the fundamentals of the ABCC exchange platform.

“ABCC believes that the only way for the cryptocurrency industry to grow is through broad adoption. Cryptocurrency exchanges at the moment only offer a fraction of the liquidity of capital markets, but through ABCC Cloud, we hope to increase the depth and breadth of liquidity by sharing our operating systems and technology with global partners. We cannot be in every market ourselves and strong local partnerships are needed.” 

Calvin Cheng, CEO and Co-founder

ABCC Cloud offers partners six primary advantages

Global Delivery

ABCC Cloud is currently rendering its services to over 28 countries/areas around the world. This includes all-round support and other operational services to help partners improve their business.

Highly Efficient Service

Standardized scheme and professional services from specialized product managers are set to help save their partners from tedious self-serviced processes.

Diversified Business

Automated development of multiple functions with flexible configurations. The ABCC also supports diversified business types; this includes OTC trading, crypto trading, and platform token customization.

Top-level Security & Risk Control

Risk control adapted from investment banks and Internet financial companies, and matured and evolved on digital asset exchange, ensures the security and reliability of the exchange.

High Liquidity

Synchronized with ABCC Ecosystem. Share ABCC order book. Matching orders shared between partner exchanges and ABCC secure the liquidity to empower partners to grow business quickly.

Highly Compatible

The ABCC Cloud easily connects with iOS, Android, and desktop. It also supports customized brands, shows perfectly on different interfaces, is available in multiple languages, and multi-currencies.

With the above-listed features and advantages, the ABCC cloud proves not only modern but also a highly secure and fully scalable crypto and digital asset exchange platform designed to help partners build their own exchanges rapidly.

Designed for fast mainstream adoption around the world ABCC Cloud is currently looking for partners, registration is ongoing at

ABCC Cloud will allow partners to improve efficiency, time savings, error reduction, and straight-through processing with no hassle.

ABCC App Update

Launched in Aug, the ABCC app has quickly gained popularity among users around the world. This week, the app hit No.6 on Google Play in Germany as the latest release v1.2 launched. The overall rating is 4.9/5 from over 1300 reviews.


Finally, ABCC announced that the upgraded version of the ABCC Pro exchange platform will be released mid-October, 2018. It will be able to process transactions faster, in a more streamlined way; it will also have convenient trading functions, more trading indications, etc.


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