Cryptocurrency exchange ABCC, which currently features dozens of high-quality crypto assets has now announced it is rolling out a ‘Community Vote to List Scheme’ to provide users with a more diversified selection of digital asset investment opportunities.

ABCC will assess all listing applications received using its proprietary coin evaluation system and inform the applicants of the results of their applications. ABCC will announce to the community the start date of voting once it has completed the assessment of all applications received.

See below some details of the voting and listing rules:

Voting Instruction

Voting Period

ABCC will announce the start date of voting. The voting will last for 7 days.

3.2 Rules

  • ABCC will open a deposit address for each blockchain project eligible for community voting. To participate, users are required to deposit the project coin to this deposit address.
  • The minimum deposit amount for each vote will be 0.05 ETH worth of the corresponding project token. The minimum deposit amount for each project denominated in the project coin will be officially confirmed when ABCC announces the projects shortlisted for voting.
  • A vote will only be deemed as valid when its deposit amount has exceeded the minimum amount specified. Voting for multiple blockchain projects is allowed for any user.
  • A vote will be deemed as invalid if the voter is from a country/jurisdiction where trading certain digital assets are deemed as illegal by the local laws and regulations.
  • ABCC will count the number of valid votes for each blockchain project shortlisted. ABCC will rank those projects per the number of valid votes and arrange the projects at the top of the ranking to be listed on the exchange.

3.3 Review

ABCC will review the voting results at the completion of the voting with methods including but not limited to data analysis and sample survey.

ABCC will disqualify blockchain projects for listing immediately if any cheating activity has been detected.

3.4 Announcement

ABCC will announce the voting results within two working days after the completion of the review of the voting results.

3.5 Withdrawal

Withdrawal will be allowed for blockchain projects not successful at this round of voting after the voting results have been officially announced.


ABCC will arrange coins successful at this round of voting to be listed on the exchange.

Project Specific Voting Incentives

  • Voting incentives will be available for some projects successful at ABCC’s preliminary assessment to encourage voters to vote.
  • ABCC will announce voting incentives along with the blockchain projects successful at ABCC’s preliminary assessment.
  • Blockchain project teams will distribute rewards as per their voting incentive plans at the completion of the voting.
  • Voters are required to keep their project coins deposited until the rewards are distributed.

The ABCC Team said:

“One will be deemed ineligible for this Community Vote to List Scheme if any suspicious registration or deposit activities are detected. ABCC will take the following actions, including but not limited to, disqualifying one’s eligibility to participate in this scheme, withdrawing one’s rewards earnt, imposing restrictions on or terminating his / her account. We may take legal action if serious events are detected. ABCC reserves the right of final interpretation for this scheme.”

Project teams are welcome to fill out the ABCC Listing Application Form.