Crypto exchange Poloniex delists 9 tokens not meeting new asset framework

Crypto exchange Poloniex today announced it has delisted 9 tokens which do not align with their recently introduced asset framework, introduced when the exchange was bought by digital payment company Circle.

The new Circle Poloniex team said, “to free up our team to focus on the future, we have decided to delist some of our currently supported assets that either do not align with the framework and/or exhibit limited trading volume for an extended duration of time.”

On Thursday, August 2nd, at 00:00 UTC, the following assets will be delisted:

FLO (FlorinCoin), FLDC (FoldingCoin), XVC (Vcash), BCY (Bitcrystals), NXC (Nexium), RADS (Radium), BLK (BlackCoin), PINK (PinkCoin) and RIC (Riecoin).

Poloniex advises users to finalize all trades and close any positions in these assets prior to August 2nd. Once delisted, users will have 30 days (up to and including September 2nd) to withdraw any balances in these assets.

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