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KuCoin lists OneLedger’s system transaction token OLT

KuCoin lists OneLedger’s system transaction token OLT

KuCoin, an international cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2017 featuring leading trading markets alike today announced the listing of OneLedger’s OLT token. The OLT asset is now available for deposits with trading pairs including OLT/BTC and OLT/ETH.

Buying commenced at 21:30 (UTC+8) while selling and withdrawal began at 22:00 (UTC+8). These transactions can be done by using KuCoin’s app both iOS and Android, or traders can directly refer to

About OneLedger

OneLedger is a new universal blockchain technology protocol that provides users the facility to operate cross-ledger access by business modularization. It works as a cross-ledger blockchain platform for individuals to make exchanges within business methodology. Aside from that, it is also developed utilizing the enterprise blockchain technology solutions that are operating across the globe that is now increasing in popularity regarding usage and what it can benefit.

OneLedger also serves as a strong consensus engine that will assist people with governance, so they can guarantee their transactions are being performed legitimately. The SDK on the platform is also extremely customizable. And the platform in overall is highly scalable and stable.

The architecture of the OneLedger is created around the focal point of developing business software through the One Ledger modularization tools. They are set up to communicate with One Leger’s advanced protocol via the unique API gateway utilized by the platform developers.

The new method of action is designed to make the business application work together with various private and public blockchains in synchronicity by way of side chains that work together and are executed through the OneLedger platform. The platform is intended to help people in a wide range of diverse business models.

Individuals in finance, agriculture, transportation, manufacturing and other industry types will avail highly from the OneLedger protocol. It works with Bitcoin, Ethereum, HyperLedger and various other platforms.

OneLedger is designed as a three-layer consensus platform that will empower more productive working methodology of various applications operating on the blockchain. And the philosophy run through business can be inflicted from layer number one. Which is a configurable, dynamic consensus protocol running through role-based systems that use a particular hierarchy to leverage the composition that makes up Merkle Tree.

The side chain that advances the consensus platform is developed to be highly dynamic and uses synchronization within references of the three layers. OneLedger also uses a realizable and validation decent blockchain for the network. It’s planned as a modular system that is determined from real-world functionality. And it’s also based on the sharing of immune mechanisms that are integral in blockchain protocols.

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