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STRYKZ token to be issued through Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange

Stryking Entertainment GmbH announced today that they will host their upcoming STRYKZ token sale event in collaboration with the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX). The public token sale is intended to start on June 15th, 2018 alongside the FIFA World Cup, and aims to raise a maximum of 20 million USD.

ZenCash now tradable on Asian exchange Binance

ZenCash, the privacy coin for borderless, decentralized communications and transactions, has announced that it is now tradable on Binance, a leading cryptocurrency exchange with a significant market share across Asia.

SPINDLE project goes in high gear, to be listed on 4 cryptocurrency exchanges

BLACK STAR&CO, has announced that as part of the SPINDLE project it has been promoting in conjunction with its partners both home and abroad, its SPINDLE tokens (SPD) have been listed on four cryptocurrency exchanges around the world this week, as of Monday, May 21, 2018.

tZERO and BOX Digital Markets to launch US security token exchange

tZERO, a blockchain technology subsidiary company of and BOX Digital Markets today announced a joint venture to launch a new regulated security token exchange. On May 18, 2018, the two companies entered into a letter of intent to form an exchange to list and publicly trade security tokens for companies that issue, or convert existing stock to, security tokens.

3 Major Players Expanding the Possibilities of DAG Technology

Much has been written about “Blockchain 3.0” in recent months, the term used for the next generation of crypto solutions that are touted to be light years ahead of what’s out there in terms of performance.

Blockchain platform Play2Live launches gaming and esports venture fund

Play2Live (P2L), a decentralized streaming platform for gamers and esports fans based upon blockchain technology is launching a venture fund with a focus on seed investments in gaming and esports projects.

Nomura, Ledger, and Global Advisors explore digital asset custody solution

Nomura, the Japanese financial holding company, blockchain asset storage company Ledger and Global Advisors, one of the first institutional-grade Bitcoin investment firms have announced ‘Komainu’ to bring together the traditional and disruptive worlds of asset custody, paving the way for secure and compliant institutional investment in digital assets.

Blockchain company AlphaPoint announces real estate asset-backed token

AlphaPoint, the global financial technology company that helps institutions make illiquid assets liquid with blockchain technology has announced the Regulated Asset-Backed TokenTM (RABT) framework in partnership with Muirfield Investment Partners, the Boston-based private equity real estate investment firm.

Blockchain Capital to update BCAP contract to comply as security token

Blockchain Capital, a venture capital firm focused exclusively on the blockchain technology sector and crypto ecosystem, today recognized the one-year anniversary of the BCAP token offering with some new announcements concerning the update of the BCAP token smart contract.

Blockchain Valley Ventures launches “hybrid” blockchain business investment model

Blockchain Valley Ventures (BVV), a new accelerator and venture capital firm offering investment, financing, and advisory services for blockchain-enabled businesses, has launched today. The firm will focus on investments in, and the incubation and development of, business ventures in a number of industries that are utilizing blockchain technology to facilitate growth and innovation.

How many people actually own cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin? Ethereum? Ripple? While these terms were limited to experts not long ago, last year saw an explosion of interest in cryptocurrencies, arguably driven by the astronomical rise in price.

Merit announces $1 million in funding for invite-only cryptocurrency

Merit, an invite-only cryptocurrency has today emerged from stealth with $1 million dollars in self-funding and announced the general availability of its digital currency, MRT, and wallet.

Korea’s ICON Foundation partners with Japan’s first Crypto Fund ‘B Cryptos’

ICON, one of the largest blockchain networks in the world today announced a strategic partnership with Japan’s first crypto fund, B Cryptos to revitalize the blockchain ecosystem in Japan and abroad.

Asset Tokens now available on Blackmoon

Today Blackmoon, the one-stop solution for tokenized investment funds announced to their community that, starting now, all verified investors can buy Blackmoon’s Asset Tokens. The team said, “this is a great milestone for us and for our supporters who have been patiently waiting to invest on our platform.” From now on, verified users will notice that their personal account options have expanded to include not only the information on the underlying assets but also the history of transactions of purchases and redemptions, as well as the balances of their asset tokens.

WinFlow profit sharing sportsbook to utilize Hedera Hashgraph

WinFlow, a sports betting platform utilizing distributed ledger technology and employing a unique profit sharing model, is looking to change the game. After a year of research and development, the company is underway in creating its betting platform, a decentralized application that will run on the Hedera Hashgraph network.
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