Cryptocurrency micro-invest app Cred partners with Komodo Platform

Cred, a micro-investing platform for cryptocurrency announced it will integrate access to the  Komodo Platform. This is the latest partnership in a series leading up to the release of the Cred app this July.

“We are thrilled to announce this partnership with the Komodo Platform, which has incredible security and equalizing mechanisms that will only enhance the Cred platform,” said Brendon McQueen, Founder & CEO of Cred.

The Komodo Platform allows users to build and secure your own independent blockchain, crowdfund and launch a decentralized ICO, and integrate and exchange with the entire blockchain community through their atomic swap technology.

Komodo Platform developers have created a system where all coin investors can compete equally. They have done this by taking proof of work, or the computer power that makes new coins, and making it easier for average folks to complete. This has the effect of making the Komodo system faster while taking away opportunities for miners with really fast equipment to “cheat” the system.

The Cred app platform provides one of the only fiat on-ramps for investing in cryptocurrency, meaning users can use USD to invest directly into altcoin (not just Bitcoin) projects. Existing investment platforms are complex and can make investing difficult for first-time investors, and layering cryptocurrency intricacies on top of that makes investing in crypto completely prohibitive for most people.

App features include the following:

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