Dash-DAO invests in Vaultoro to implement Dash on gold exchange

Today, gold-based bitcoin and digital asset exchange Vaultoro announced that the Dash-DAO approved its proposal to implement DASH.

Vaultoro will receive a total of 276 DASH in a 4-month period from the decentralized autonomous organization powered by Dash.

The funds will be used to to build a dedicated development and marketing team which will execute the implementation of the exchange’s new market segment.

Dash’s DAO is one of the first decentralized funding systems of its kind and the first DAO recognized by international law. The community has invested over $800,000 to finance projects that help accelerate the adoption of Dash in Venezuela and is constantly looking for new applications to support DASH (such as Vaultoro) to offer its users a diverse array of everyday life applications.

“The opportunity to receive a financial endorsement directly from a software-protocol, voted upon by several thousand users, is a first-timer I am happy to experience. The DAO-structure of Dash and its features as digital cash have always been on the edge of innovation with its combination of instant and private transactions for instance. This all comes with an ease-of-use that will even be improved once Dash releases its new “evolution”. We are happy and really appreciate the support by the DASH community. We aim to include the DASH/gold pair within the next 4 months.”

Vaultoro co-founder, Joshua Scigala

Vaultoro provides a real-time trading platform for gold and bitcoin, as well as Bar9, its service for gold savings accounts. To date, more than 1.5 tons of gold (with a current value of 75 million dollars) have been traded. Vaultoro’s head offices are located in Berlin and London. The start-up currently has more than 12,000 customers from 94 countries.

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