MyCrypto launches open-source Monero (XMR) block explorer

MyCrypto, an open-source, client-side tool for generating ether wallets, handling ERC-20 tokens, and interacting with the blockchain today announced its new Monero block explorer service called MoneroVision.

The MyCrypto team created MoneroVision because they wanted to begin supporting chains other than Ethereum. They said, “It’s no secret that MyCrypto will be expanding into chains aside from Ethereum and Monero is one of our favorites. MoneroVision is the first step, and we’re working right now on developing more support for Monero.”

Key Characteristics of MoneroVision:

– MoneroVision is open-source.
– MoneroVision is written in Typescript.
– MoneroVision has improved reliability with the node selector.
– MoneroVision gives you the best estimate of when your transaction will be confirmed.
– MoneroVision is a single page app, meaning you can search the blockchain without extra page loads.
– MoneroVision lets you configure any compatible node, other explorers don’t let you use your own node.

The team added: “We want to work on new projects and turn them into new products if it makes sense to do so. And not everything needs to be integrated into MyCrypto. That’s why we’re calling MoneroVision a product that is “Powered By MyCrypto.” It was developed and will be maintained by the MyCrypto team, but it’s a separate product for now.”

There are a handful of other projects developed and supported by the MyCrypto team. In addition to MoneroVision, joining the official “Powered By MyCrypto” services are EtherAddressLookup, EtherSecurityLookup, and EtherscamDB.