Bisq adds 7 new payment methods to boost US bitcoin trade

Bisq adds 7 new payment methods to boost its US bitcoin trade

Bisq, one of the first apps for decentralized bitcoin exchange has this week begun a new initiative in order to help bootstrap its US trading of BTC by adding new account funding methods and slashing their fees. Bisq, in its current form, was the result of a relaunch from its old Bitsqaure name last year.

To kickstart its initiative this week, Bisq officially announced adding Venmo, Cash App, Popmoney, Revoult, Uphold, MoneyBeam, and ACH transfers for users.

The Bisq team said, “this should expand Bisq’s reach in the US in a big way, and will be important for [the week’s] BTC-USD liquidity effort.”

Secondly, the new version of Bisq has reduced the minimum trading fee 75% from 0.0002 BTC to 0.00005 BTC. Combined with the prevailing low Bitcoin mining fees, it is now more economical to trade very small amounts on Bisq.

Another highlight of the new version of Bisq allows users to deactivate open offers. The Bisq app is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and also has DASH, LTC, and DOGE markets.

For more information, view the informational video from Bisq contributors Chris Beams and Felix Moreno where they screencast a live Bisq trade using Cash App as the payment method.

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