BitPay and Copay wallet users in Brazil can now buy Mercado Livre gift cards

Bitcoin payment application company BitPay announced today that in the newest BitPay and Copay wallet version 3.11.1, users in Brazil can use their wallets to buy gift cards from Mercado Livre Brazil, the country’s largest e-commerce store, and marketplace.

The BitPay and Copay wallets will now come with the Mercado Livre integration installed by default. BitPay has translated the instructions to purchase the gift card into Portuguese for all wallets, and the Copay app already has a full Portuguese translation.

BitPay said that Bitcoin still has a “small footprint in Brazil” but it is developing. The company shared that they have seen daily wallet installs on Brazilians’ Android devices grow by more than 1300% year over year from 2017 to 2018.

Mercado Livre gift cards aren’t just for shopping at Mercado Livre. You can redeem Mercado Livre gift cards into your Mercado Pago account, which you can use to pay for just about anything you’ll need for life in Brazil, from metro rides to utilities.