Digital bank Uphold members get access to Bitcoin Gold

Digital bank Uphold announced today December 21, 2017, members will be among the first to easily access and transact in Bitcoin Gold. BTG came into existence on October 25, 2017, as a result of a hard fork.

Holders of Bitcoin have been granted the commensurate number of BTG coins to the BTC they possessed at the moment of the fork. Uphold members can now buy, hold and convert BTG within their wallets.

Uphold announced the plan to support BTG in an announcement back on October 21st. The BTG price is currently lingering around $300 USD, see chart below:

Members Can:

Buy BTG instantly within their Uphold Wallet
Convert BTG from any of the 33 supported currencies in their Uphold Wallet
Hodl BTG
Send BTG from external wallet into Uphold
Send BTG to anyone with an email or Uphold account for FREE

Pricing and Fees:

100% FREE to send and receive within Uphold
1.95% fee is applied to all exchanges
BTG’s price index is determined in real-time directly from external exchanges, which are separate to and independent of Uphold

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