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Swap protocol for decentralized ERC20 exchange announces AIRSWAP platform

AIRSWAP is being built to support a decentralized, simple and liquid trading experience for the Ethereum ecosystem. The AIR token will be launched on October 10, 2017.

The team behind the recently announced Ethereum trading based Swap protocol today officially announced the next stage of its development with AIRSWAP, a decentralized exchange platform. AIRSWAP will implement the Swap protocol, a decentralized peer-to-peer protocol for exchanging Ethereum tokens.

Back in May, the team led by founder Michael Oved released the protocol’s white paper to the public. Since then, many decentralized exchange ecosystems have come to the forefront to position themselves to grab a share of the ERC20 token trading market. It is slowly becoming common knowledge the benefits of decentralized exchange systems, especially when it comes to security in the digital world.

The AIRSWAP membership token, “AIR”, will give users a seat to join the peer-to-peer token trading ecosystem.

What we know now is that on October 10th, AIR will be sold exclusively through the new platform whereby it will demonstrate the Swap peer protocol in action.

For the token launch, AIR purchasers will act as the Taker, and Swap will act as the Maker.

  1. A purchaser (Taker) requests an order to trade ether for AIR
  2. Swap (Maker) provides an order to trade AIR for ether
  3. Taker calls fill on the smart contract, performing the transfer between AIR and ether



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