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Crypto exchange EXMO says Humaniq token won’t be listed

Crypto exchange EXMO says Humaniq token won't be listed

Crypto exchange EXMO released a notice today which stated that representatives of the blockchain banking project Humaniq back in April published a report on its new specialized cryptocurrency HMQ. The report stated that the EXMO platform was among the exchanges that were going to add the Humaniq token to the list of exchange-traded tokens.

The EXMO cryptocurrency platform officially says that this information is incorrect.

The EXMO team said:

“EXMO cryptocurrency exchange has not conducted any negotiations with the representatives of Humaniq on adding a new token. EXMO is not going to add the Humaniq’s token to the platform in the near future.”

“We would like to remind you that EXMO informs you about the latest innovations beforehand by making relevant publications and first-hand updates on the official sources of the platform.”

EXMO wanted to put out this update today in order not to confuse any prospective users.

It is understood that the Humaniq blockchain banking app will have its HMQ token listed on other exchanges including CEX.IO, LiveCoin, Bitlish, DaBTC and SpaceBTC.

Humaniq was created to implement two big ideas: to open access to modern financial services for 2 billion unbanked people and to allow vetted partners to participate in building ‘win-win’ products and services for the Humaniq community that can provide revenue and services for all the stakeholders.

Humaniq finished up its ICO recently with over $5 million dollars raised from over 11,000 participants.



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