WAX makes available millions worth of tokens for developers who grow WAX Blockchain

WAX Labs introduces the largest community-owned worker proposal system in the entire blockchain ecosystem...

Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX), a blockchain-powered platform to create, buy, sell, and trade virtual items, today introduced WAX Labs, a worker proposal system designed to grow the WAX Blockchain.

There are presently more than 75 million WAX tokens worth millions of dollars in the WAX Labs fund; which allocated toward compensating developers who build on the WAX Blockchain over many years. WAX hopes to build the most extensive network of blockchain developers in the world.

Candidates can now submit projects for consideration, and WAX token holders can vote on them.

WAX Labs worker proposal system

WAX Labs incentivizes developers to build new projects on WAX, work on community needs, patches, and upgrades. In exchange for their time and effort contributing to the development of WAX, these developers will be eligible to receive WAX Tokens from the WAX Labs fund, which will provide support for WAX development efforts for many years to come.

Projects that will have a clear positive and measurable impact on the WAX ecosystem are eligible to be funded.

If you request more funds for your project than the Reviewers and voters feel is appropriate for the project’s anticipated value to the WAX ecosystem, the project may not be approved (but is eligible for resubmission). Projects will not be approved if they are functions of another role in the WAX ecosystem that also earns WAX tokens (ie: WAX Guild functions).

Through WAX Labs, the WAX Community benefits from a decentralized structure by reducing the reliance on a single source for new additions. This system is beneficial for everyone including:

How to submit a project to WAX Labs:

Please note that WAX Labs will establish its own governance rules in order to ensure both project quality and project completion, including making payments based on achieving project milestones.