Blockchain sports gaming platform Stryking publishes whitepaper

Blockchain sports gaming platform Stryking publishes whitepaper

Stryking, the blockchain-powered NFT (non-fungible token) sports gaming platform, has announced that the first version of their whitepaper is now available. The information presented outlines the next big steps in the development of the platform.

Users will now get a better idea about the direction the platform is evolving toward, and more information on the ability to compete and play with recently auctioned FC Bayern Munich crypto player card NFTs.

Stryking Whitepaper

The whitepaper provides necessary information on the gameplay, player tokens, and rewards, as well as NFT staking and more. The gameplay presents the chance to combine collecting player cards with testing user football knowledge in stats-driven performance prediction gaming. Successful predictions will reward users with in-game currency in the form of ERC-20 tokens.

Due to the staking mechanism, users can passively generate tokens by temporarily transferring the ownership of their digital collectible. Once staking the NFT, users lose the right to use, play with or trade it, but they will receive rewards. Users can also decide to release the token back to themselves anytime.

To read more about how to play and get awarded on Stryking, see the newly published whitepaper.

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