Crypto exchange LGO outlines future plans 2 years after launch

Crypto exchange LGO outlines future plans 2 years after launch

LGO, a high-performance bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange platform, today announced some new plans it will implement over the next few years. First, LGO will look at expanding into new services for financing, OTC execution, and derivatives. Additionally, the LGO team will be deploying new assets including altcoins, stablecoins, and tokenized assets.

To begin, over the next few weeks, the native LGO token will be added to the exchange. And then starting later this year, LGO will launch OTC execution and digital asset financing.

“While we’ve done a lot over the past two years, we still have a lot to achieve! We’d like to thank all of our token holders that have supported us from the start, as well as our clients that trust us with their business on a daily basis. On February 1st, 2018, we gathered 3,600 BTC during the LGO token sale, which is still to date the largest ICO ever done in France. More than 9,000 people from 50 countries joined us in our mission to create a fair, secure and transparent ecosystem for institutions to trade digital assets. Two years after, LGO is a key player in the international digital asset ecosystem, and the leading institutional Bitcoin exchange in Europe.”
– The LGO Team

LGO Transparency

In the LGO whitepaper, you can read about the Legolas Protocol: a public proof sequencer that allows for demonstrating the transparency of all the trading activity which happens on the LGO platform.

This protocol is integrated into LGO’s institutional exchange. The details of the implementation can be found on the LGO Node, as well as the auditable proof of exchange activity. LGO is one of the only bitcoin exchanges that can prove the complete transparency of trading data.

Exchange Growth

After one year of development, LGO launched its platform in March 2019 with the trading of bitcoin. Ten months later, in December 2019, LGO became one of Europe’s largest bitcoin trading platforms for institutional investors.

LGO has 40 clients from more than 15 countries — including 7 of the 10 largest liquidity providers in the market — which have traded $400m-equivalent of bitcoin on the platform.

Moreover, the first months of operations have allowed the LGO team to start buying back and burning LGO tokens on the open market. To date, more than 500,000 tokens have been destroyed.

As a testament to the team’s hard work, in January 2020 LGO became members of the French Tech 120, which gathers the 120 most promising companies in France. LGO also joined as a founding member, the new French blockchain association launched last month, ADAN.

“Our clients are aligned with our approach and believe in our business: we have not lost a single account since going live and most of our clients have increased their share of trading with us. The fact that we rely heavily on client feedback to build our platform coupled with our unparalleled client service makes LGO one of the best products in the spot exchange space.”
– The LGO Team