Bitfinex offers 30-day trial of crypto metrics and intel app Santiment

Companies join forces to help users better analyze the crypto market and find data-driven investing opportunities...

Bitfinex, a bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange platform, today announced that it has partnered with Santiment, a provider of digital asset metrics, signals, and market insights, to offer customers a 30-day trial of Santiment’s most popular metrics on Bitfinex.

During the trial, Bitfinex customers will obtain access to Santiment’s on-chain, social and development data on Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin, Tron and a host of leading ERC-20 tokens, providing valuable and unique market insights and analysis.

The curated list of Santiment metrics on Bitfinex lets users evaluate exit and entry positions, perform extensive project due diligence, analyze network health, discover crowd tendencies and much more.

“For the duration of the 30-day trial, Bitfinex users will have direct access to some of our most popular metrics and indicators that will help them become more informed market participants, make better trading decisions and validate – or reject – the ones they’re already making. “
– Maksim Balashevich, Founder at Santiment

Santiment’s flagship product, Sanbase, enables users to track assets, see what’s hot in crypto, and spot market trends

The 30-day trial will provide Bitfinex users with direct access to a suite of historical and real-time fundamental data for all coins and projects listed on the exchange, including:

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