Hydro Labs partners with Republic to help expand its crypto service suite

Hydro Labs, a builder of blockchain payment and identity technology, today announced that following a comprehensive due diligence process, it has formed a partnership with Republic Advisory Services.

This partnership will be key in furthering the adoption of Hydro Labs products – Hydro Pay, Hydro Vault, and Hydro Drive. Republic will also assist the team with enterprise partnerships and fundraising using their global network, as well as rolling out go-to-market strategies.

Republic is part of the AngelList family of startup platforms, and together with Product Hunt and CoinList, form one of the most trusted online startup ecosystems in the world. Republic’s crypto division is backed by Binance Labs and NEO which led for them a $12 million raise last year. Since its launch, Republic has raised over $200 million for blockchain startups.

The Hydro Pay, Vault, and Drive apps offer a full suite of DeFi services to any user, merchant, financial institution, or government anywhere in the world. Hydro Labs supports blockchain secured payments, remittances, lending/borrowing, savings, KYC/AML, and identity management.

“As a small, decentralized, company working with an extremely tight budget, we are proud of what we have achieved and what we have built. We do, however, have to take the next step to realize our full potential in this growing market and to achieve our mission of building a sustainable entity that builds on Hydro protocols. With the consulting, technical, legal and marketing expertise of the Republic team behind us, we believe we can do just that.”
– The Hydro Labs team