Vite joins with TROY to improve decentralized crypto trading

Vite joins with TROY to improve decentralized crypto trading

Vite, a custom blockchain application ecosystem, today has announced a strategic partnership with Troy Trade, a prime broker specialized in crypto trading and asset management.

With the partnership, Vite becomes the eleventh member of the “Global Ecological Community Program” launched by TROY, which is designed to break the trading barriers of crypto assets and build an integrated crypto asset trading ecosystem. TROY will also join the Vite network as a block producer.


TROY, derived from Troy Network, will work closely with Vite in devoting R&D resources towards the development of Troy Network. Specifically, Troy will adopt Vite’s scalability solution that offers low latency transaction processing, low cost, and security features.

Further, the Troy Network will integrate with ViteX’s high-performant technology in the transaction layer, upon which Troy Network will build a fast and secure decentralized exchange protocol.

Simultaneously, TROY may provide Vite with application scenarios, including a trading marketplace and settlement network. Troy’s system architecture consists of four layers, including the public chain protocol layer, the off-chain trading layer, the settlement network layer and the application layer.

“Troy and Vite can join hands in researching areas of decentralized trading. Vite looks forward to working together as the two projects have similar views on how the industry of trading will move forward.”
– Richard Yan, COO of Vite

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