Blockchain asset management protocol Melon opening new use-case hackathon

Melon is software for blockchain asset management...

Blockchain asset managment protocol Melon opening new use-case hackathon

Melon, a blockchain asset management protocol, announced that with its open interface now available, it is calling on developer s to build on top of it, and will begin a hackathon starting mid-January 2020.

Ash Hackathon Q1 2020 – Open Interface Integrations

As part of Melon’s 2019/20 roadmap, the team recently open-sourced the Ash white-label interface for Melon on desktop and mobile. The interface is ready to be used by developers who want to further develop existing or create their own use cases for Melon.

This is React.js based implementation of a web interface for Melon’s JavaScript Library

All proprietary Ash app elements have been removed and calls have been switched from the Ash API to direct Ethereum/Melon protocol calls. The design is based on a systematic modular architecture that enables developers to adapt, customize and expand the functionality according to their needs.

To kick-off development on the Ash white-label interface, Melon is inviting developers to check out what has already been built and to use it to expand the ecosystem of Melon-based use cases by integrating them with the interface.

Ash open interface architecture

The Ash Hackathon is looking for integrations in the fields of:

Financial Products & Gamification – Prizes: 1st place: 500 MLN, 2nd place: 250 MLN

Impact Investing – Prizes: 1st place: 500 MLN, 2nd place: 250 MLN


The hackathon will begin on January 13th, 2020 until March 15th, 2020 (signup will be open until January 12th, 2020).

Prize pool

1,500 MLN

Signup information

For signup just send an e-mail with a Github account to

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