0xcert releases unique digital asset verification tool for NFTs

0xcert releases unique digital asset verification tool for NFTs

0xcert, an open protocol for certified non-fungible tokens, announced today the release of a crucial piece of the open-source 0xcert ecosystem a bit earlier than planned: the 0xcert Verifier. It provides an elegant way of verifying the validity and content of any digital asset issued with the 0xcert infrastructure.

Powered by the 0xcert Framework

The 0xcert Verifier runs on a set of rules and mechanisms integrated within the 0xcert Framework for building DApps. It allows for easy verification of digital Xcert assets for their owners, even those with no coding or blockchain knowledge. The 0xcert Verifier runs asset validation by checking the asset evidence and detailed metadata, among others, and provides a clear list of true or false results to checked inputs.

The source code of the Verifier is published publicly on GitHub, and uses the Infura infrastructure to verify Xcert assets on Ethereum and Wandevs infrastructure to verify assets on Wanchain.

Verifying unique digital assets is an important part of many use cases

Xcerts – Verified

Xcerts are enhanced ERC-721 non-fungible tokens. They differ from the ERC-721 standardized non-fungible tokens by incorporating a range of additional features apart from the asset ID (ERC-721), namely:

Going a few steps further from the structure of the ERC-721 standardized non-fungible token, the Xcert allows for a detailed check and validation of specific data that define the uniqueness of a blockchain-based asset. Thanks to the schema ID, Xcerts use asset type metadata schemas that define only a single data type, e.g., a car or educational degree, etc.

Overview: 0xcert Verifier

Users can check whether the blockchain-based assets that they own or are about to purchase live up to their name. With just a few clicks, it is possible to:

The 0xcert Verifier provides verification of assets on Ethereum and Wanchain blockchain networks. The 0xcert Verifier is powered by the 0xcert Framework and the enhanced non-fungible token Xcert.

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