Web app for 0x-powered crypto DEX Tokenlon now live

Tokenlon can also be used as a DApp to provide services on different platforms, such as exchanges and wallets...

Tokelon, a 0x-based decentralized exchange (DEX) built by imToken, has announced that its web app is now live. Users can buy and sell imBTC and other tokens via atomic swaps on the web platform along with the mobile app.

Back in July, imToken upgraded its Tokenlon DEX to an independent decentralized exchange (DEX). Different from the previous versions, in which imToken natively integrated with the Kyber protocol.

“Tokenlon has been growing steadily since our public launch in July. Since then, we went up to a steady volume of $500K per day, with peaks well above $1M. Most importantly, we have been reaching our goal of staying in the top 3 Ethereum DEXs for the last months.”
– The imToken Team

On Tokenlon, users receive the best price out of multiple market makers, updated every second


imToken was established in May 2016, striving to bridge the gap between blockchain technology and the general masses with a simple, secure yet powerful blockchain asset wallet. imToken’s wallet enables multi-chain asset management, DApp browsing and private exchange of value.

imBTC, created by imToken is an Ethereum token anchored 1:1 to BTC. Holders can freely transfer, redeem and exchange the token. Simply holding imBTC also accrues income from the Tokenlon platform.

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