Bitcoin (BTC) wallets now live on non-custodial crypto service Nash

This integration of bitcoin (BTC) wallets came as scheduled, and is the start of long-term plans to support the network.

Nash, the non-custodial crypto exchange and service company, has announced that bitcoin (BTC) wallets are now live for users.

The ability to purchase BTC with fiat on Nash is to be activated over the coming weeks. All BTC bought from Nash’s gateway partners is sent directly to user wallets.

Allowing users to manage BTC funds with wallets now live means the first stage of support is complete. Bitcoin integration on Nash Exchange is the next highest priority…

Bitcoin trading on Nash Exchange

The goal of the Nash trading protocol is to avoid the custodial step involved in token wrapping. This has been the most common method by which decentralized exchanges support cross-chain bitcoin trading.

An example of a wrapped token is WBTC, an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. The real bitcoin on WBTC is held by a custodian outside of the WBTC smart contract.

“No one has yet achieved the full integration of Bitcoin into a performant non-custodial exchange. We are working on a protocol that will allow Bitcoin to be traded through our matching engine in a non-custodial fashion, offering the same performance as our ETH and NEO markets.”
– The Nash Team

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