Radar launches Bitcoin and Ethereum node operations platform

DEPLOY was designed to be an easy way to spin up and maintain blockchain infrastructure

Radar, a developer of blockchain technology solutions, has announced the launch of its latest product, DEPLOY, a node operations (NodeOps) platform that makes it simple for developers to build applications on blockchain networks.

DEPLOY enables developers to spin up Bitcoin and Ethereum nodes, ensure reliability, scale their applications, and customize their infrastructure to suit their needs. From consumer tools like wallets and exchanges, to enterprise tools around compliance and middleware, to financial applications like DeFi, hedge funds, and market makers, any blockchain application can be built on DEPLOY.

Dashboards on DEPLOY

More than API Gateways

The Radar team is the creator of RELAY, a wallet-to-wallet token trading platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. To focus on growing RELAY to a global application with customers in 150 countries and hundreds of millions of dollars in tokens traded, the team relied on existing infrastructure services and quickly realized they were not suitable for building on. They were too unreliable, centralized, and restrictive. Providing a centralized API gateway was not enough. Thus, the team set out to create DEPLOY.

NodeOps + Node Options

The Radar team believes “NodeOps platforms, will transform the world of developing blockchain applications; making it significantly easier to create and manage nodes, while maintaining the ability for customization. With DEPLOY, developers can customize node setup, choosing from Bitcoin and Ethereum, various chain clients, and spinning up nodes that are shared or owned entirely.”

“Ensuring consistent access to multiple Ethereum networks for development and production has been an important and daunting task for us. We have gone through manually managing clusters, and other remote providers. DEPLOY provides, by far, the best and most customizable experience for us to manage Ethereum infrastructure without having to worry about network configuration, software updates, or other dev-ops concerns, allowing us to focus on building and shipping our software systems. ”
– Henry Harder, CTO of Paradigm Labs

Customizable Features of DEPLOY

  • Choice of Network – Spin up and manage nodes to operate on the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains. The Radar team says more integrations will be coming soon.
  • Choice of Network Client – Choose from Bitcoin Core or BTCD clients with Bitcoin nodes, and Parity or Geth clients with Ethereum nodes.
  • Middleware – With the DEPLOY Marketplace you can add the middleware to your infrastructure stack in a few clicks.
  • Shared & Owned Nodes – Shared Nodes allow you to access the blockchain at a lower cost with limited control, while Owned Nodes provide full control.
  • Testnet & Mainnet – Select from creating a node on the testnet to play around with fake data or the mainnet to use real information and money.
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