Ardor blockchain users can now run a full node on Android OS

Ardor is a multichain blockchain platform with a unique parent - child chain architecture

Jelurida, developers of the Nxt and Ardor blockchain platforms, today announced the launch of a new package of the Ardor software, allowing users to run a full node on Android OS devices.

The Ardor blockchain enables users to join the network and participate on an equal basis in the proof-of-stake consensus, creating new blocks and processing transactions, only using their mobile phones.

Having a proof-of-stake Ardor node running on your phone means users no longer need to set up and maintain a server, or leave a computer constantly running in order to forge new blocks.

Now, it becomes cost-efficient even for minor stakeholders to participate in the consensus, and earn forging fees. This new level of decentralization makes the public blockchain platform much more resilient against external attacks, helping all players in the Ardor blockchain ecosystem.

“To celebrate this milestone, we are also happy to announce the beginning of our “Blockchain Anywhere” promotion. Let’s show how our users can take the blockchain with them anywhere, running in the background on the mobile devices they always carry in their pockets!”
– The Jelurida Team

Jelurida’s steps to participate in the Blockchain Anywhere promotion:

  1. Download the new Android Full Node package (signed with the Jelurida GPG key).
  2. Follow the Android Full Node tutorial to install and start the Ardor Server on your Android device.
  3. Wait until the blockchain has been downloaded and is up to date. The Ardor Server app also allows you to easily download a bootstrap copy of the blockchain in only a few minutes.
  4. Send a picture of you holding your Android device to If you wish to remain anonymous, you can, for example, have your eyes and face partially covered by the Android device. We understand your need for privacy, but we also must prevent multiple submissions by each person, thus the requirement that the phone owner is also in the picture.*
  5. It is not mandatory to start forging, but it should be visible on your device that the blockchain is downloaded and up to date.
  6. Include your Ardor account in your email, to receive a promotion bounty of 1440 IGNIS!**
  7. The duration of the promotion is Oct 22 – Nov 06, 2019. Distribution of the bounties: Nov 10, 2019.

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