ConsenSys acquires rights to Ethereum infrastructure provider Infura

ConsenSys has formally acquired all of the rights to Infura

Infura, an API suite and infrastructure provider for connecting to Ethereum and IPFS via HTTPS and WebSocket, announced today that it has officially been acquired by Ethereum venture studio ConsenSys.

Work will continue on expanding the Infura API suite, increasing the efficiency of the platform, enhancing dashboard analytics and launching new products.

ConsenSys, founded by Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum, invested in the Infura team early in their development journey.

The Infura team noted it had received several offers from venture capital firms over the past years, yet decided that a future inside ConsenSys is the best future for their ecosystem.

“As a spoke connected to the ConsenSys hub, working closely with other spokes across the mesh, we’ve been able to meaningfully contribute to the growth and adoption of these new decentralized networks. The decision to remain in ConsenSys doubles down on our collective bet and is a strategy that will enhance our opportunity for deeper collaboration, enabling us to build network effects that will benefit the entire ecosystem.”
– The Infura Team

Infura has become a critical infrastructure for a diverse population of Web3 businesses including: gaming, collectibles, financial services, exchanges, wallets, and more.

In June, Infura introduced a premium service that includes 3 new subscription tiers supporting blockchain developers building applications of all sizes on the Ethereum network. Developers are able to choose the infrastructure services that fit their needs with specialized custom plans.

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