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Infura relayed over 7 million ETH in 2017

Infura relayed over 7 million ETH in 2017
Infura summed the values of all the transactions passing through its infrastructure for 2017.

Infura, a scalable infrastructure of Ethereum and IPFS nodes provider announced today that in 2017 they relayed over 7 million ETH in confirmed mainnet transactions, which is over $8 billion at current prices.

With the price of ether increasing one-hundredfold in 2017, starting the year around $10 and closing around $1,000, the Infura team concedes “it is not entirely fair to view the entire year through the lens of today’s prices.”

Transactions that are relayed by Infura are cryptographically signed and immune from interference by anyone.

Maurycy Pietrzak Cofounder, INFURA said:

“This is an awesome milestone for our team and a testament to the dramatic growth of Ethereum last year. We witnessed an explosion of ICOs and the creation of popular dapps, like CryptoKitties, that pushed transaction traffic on Mainnet through the stratosphere. By now, it is common knowledge that Ethereum handles more transaction traffic than all other blockchains combined, and we’re excited to be relaying a decent chunk of these transactions to the network.”

“We’d like to give a shout-out to our partners MetaMask and MyEtherWallet, for whom Infura provides infrastructure services. These projects are important pillars of the Ethereum ecosystem and are responsible for a large share of our transaction traffic.”

“We’re looking forward to an even more awesome 2018. If your dapp/project is looking for a scalable backend, check out”

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