SingularityNET and TODA partner to create scalable platforms for decentralized AI

The partnership is currently testing technologies that will make SingularityNET’s Artificial Intelligence agents' interactions more scalable and efficient

Today, it was announced that the SingularityNET and TODA ecosystems will be joining forces to create scalable platforms and a product accelerator for decentralized AI.

The partnership brings blockchain AI pioneer SingularityNET and its enterprise-AI spinoff Singularity Studio together with TODA.Network and TODAQ from the TODA Protocol family.

Technical teams from both ecosystems are experimenting with bringing the two technologies together on the operational level, by building a “Singularity-on-TODA” system in which SingularityNET AI agents can optionally utilize the TODA protocol rather than Ethereum for their interactions.

In Singularity-on-TODA, the various channels between SingularityNET agents that are set up using Ethereum in the ordinary SingularityNET (Beta V2) design, are instead set up to operate using TODA.

At this stage, according to Dr. Ben Goertzel, founder of SingularityNET, “a working prototype Singularity-on-TODA AI agent has been created and tested, and there appear no obstacles to extending the integration to other AI agents, enabling SingularityNET to leverage the superior scalability of the TODA protocol.”

Dr. Goertzel emphasizes that this does not spell the end of the Ethereum version of SingularityNET, which has operated since 2017 and recently scaled up with a Beta V2 release.

“What we are envisioning is to make SingularityNET multi-chain, meaning we could have some SingularityNET AI agents using Ethereum and some others using TODA and the two could interact — and potentially later have SingularityNET agents running on other blockchains as well. Via providing newly scalable secure decentralized infrastructure, the integration of SingularityNET with TODA protocol has potential to play a key role in enabling us to achieve our core mission of creating a self-organizing, democratically-governed Internet-wide Global Brain.”
– Dr. Goertzel stressing the importance of this initiative to SingularityNET’s long-term decentralized AI vision

To accelerate the growth of the SingularityNET-on-TODA ecosystem, Toda.Network and SingularityNET’s enterprise-AI spinoff Singularity Studio have partnered to form a startup product accelerator called Todalarity, which will provide funding and engineering support to help startups make their products available on the SingularityNET and TODA platforms.

“The vision of SingularityNet is to make AI easily and securely accessible, and its implementation on TODA/IP creates the Todalarity AI Marketplace. Products with user traction must have efficient and secure access to the world’s greatest AI engines to partake in defining the future. Top AI Engines need to be consumed by products with user traction while ensuring security is by design. Todalarity is here to fulfill these needs. To apply or to nominate a startup into the Todalarity, an exclusive announcement will be made in the coming months. Currently, it is in closed Beta and only those with a code can apply. ”
– Toufi Saliba, TODA co-creator and CEO of Toda.Network

Todalarity will target both startups with new AI engines, algorithms, and models that want to make their technology available to customers via the SingularityNET-on-TODA platform; and startups with new products that need AI services and want to obtain AI functionality via invoking AI tools in the SingularityNET-on-TODA platform.

Products and algorithms offered by Todalarity startups will be offered on a special Todalarity Marketplace using SingularityNET and TODA on the back end.