Opolis awarded grant from MakerDAO to develop Dai payroll ecosystem

The team of Opolis, a next-generation employment ecosystem for the self-sovereign worker, has announced that it received a development grant from MakerDAO, the creator of the world’s first decentralized stablecoin.

The grant will allow Opolis to bring Dai payment integrations to their employment platform. The terms of the grant will allow Opolis’ members to stake Opolis’ Guild or Decentralized Employment Organization (DEO) membership in Dai. It will ensure Opolis’ platform can process Dai payments, and will give companies and workers the choice to be paid in Dai.

Members will have the possibility to be paid in other cryptocurrencies as well, but MakerDAO’s Dai will be Opolis’ first stablecoin payment integration.

Opolis/Dai Integration

Through membership with one of Opolis’ Guilds, or Decentralized Employment Organizations (DEOs), freelancers, creatives, consultants and gig workers can access the same high-quality benefits and services as full-time workers while remaining independent.

Opolis will offer health insurance, cryptocurrency, and traditional retirement plans, tax compliance automation and more to Guild members.

 Guild members will be able to:

“Our partnership with MakerDAO has been in the works for some time. We collectively believe that the adoption of Dai in an employment and payroll ecosystem is paramount to widespread adoption of decentralized finance as employee payrolls represent the economic engine of the world.”
– Opolis Founder, John Paller

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