Decentralized organization platform Aragon releases 0.8 upgrade

Aragon organizations live on Ethereum, a ledger secured by incentives and cryptography

Aragon, the decentralized organization platform, has announced the release of 0.8 Camino. The latest version brings a variety of enhancements including a new design. Check out the below notes on the update as the Aragon team continues building toward a 1.0 client build.


Aragon is built to be modular, and the new release features more templates. Users can start a company, a membership, or a reputation-based organization in a few clicks.

Also, the Aragon team decided to revamp the permissions function after user feedback. With permissions a core component of the Aragon platform, it has now been rebuilt from the ground up to simplify the interface.

Lastly, users can now subscribe to all events in the organization so they don’t miss updates including: New votes, financial transfers, changes in the permissions of the organization, etc.

Last month, digital asset management protocol Melon announced the deployment of AragonOS.