Decentralized VPN Mysterium now available on AVADO node device

In Mysterium Network’s node pilot, users can earn ETH for renting bandwidth. Nodes will help power the Mysterium decentralized VPN.

Decentralized VPN Mysterium now available on AVADO node device

Mysterium, a network of nodes providing security and privacy to Mysterium end users, with Mysterium VPN as the first app, announced today a partnership with AVADO, creators of a hardware device that enables users to be a part of decentralized projects.

The AVADO team created a simple plug and play hardware device that connects to many different kinds of blockchains. Using the AVADO Box, anyone can become a node to help power decentralized networks and earn cryptocurrency in the process.

AVADO makes it easy to be a node as it is designed to handle the CPU and disk-intensive aspects of running one. It provides a large amount of RAM, sufficient disk space, internet access, and more. It costs roughly $50 dollars per year to run the AVADO device.

further, the AVADO Box has its own operating system, enabling users to choose between various blockchains, like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Monero. A notable feature of the device is that it can run multiple blockchain nodes at once, so Mysterium is just one of the many networks to be a part of.


AVADO now offers smart mining, which is where Mysterium comes in, as the first smart mining application. The AVADO community can install the Mysterium node software, start sharing their bandwidth to help power the decentralized VPN and earn ether (ETH).

“Mysterium and AVADO met last year, and the synergy between the two teams was obvious. AVADO is decentralization in a box. It’s agnostic, open-source and wants to put blockchains in the hands of everyday people. We’re both working towards a greater vision where users reclaim the internet. Our teams believe in the potential of residential nodes to power the Web3, independently of Web2 ISP and servers.”

“On a technical level, our projects also complement each other. Mysterium’s software can easily be installed onto their hardware, so AVADO users have more blockchain magic to play with. Collaboration is one of our industry’s biggest strengths and secret weapons. Other technology sectors and companies want to keep their research, insights and code private to remain competitive. They want to outperform, rather than lift up, other projects to maximize their profit.”

“This has been the opposite for decentralized communities. By partnering, collaborating and learning together, the development of our ecosystem accelerates. We are open-source and transparent so we can learn from each other’s mistakes or innovations. When other developers and teams know where we got it right, they can build on top of our own work and research.”
– The Mysterium Team

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