Tribe Accelerator launches platform to unify Singapore’s blockchain ecosystem

OpenNodes aims to be the gateway for enterprises and individuals alike who are navigating their blockchain journey, regardless of their level of expertise.

Tribe Accelerator, Singapore’s homegrown blockchain accelerator, today unveiled its latest initiative, OpenNodes. The web-based engagement platform is supported by the Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA), and will bring together government agencies, corporates, and blockchain companies onto a single online platform.

By addressing a key challenge hindering mainstream adoption, OpenNodes is expected to promote the development of interconnected ecosystems, enabling members across different industry clusters to discover opportunities and collaborate on ideas easily.

Driving Value through Blockchain Adoption

The rise of blockchain technology has created a wealth of opportunities for enterprises to tap on and make their processes more transparent and secure. The presence of several challenges, however, such as the lack of collaboration and poor visibility into the blockchain industry, are hindering mainstream adoption.

“Many existing blockchain solutions in the current market are use-case specific and specialized. These solutions can provide greater value to the parties involved if they are participating in the ecosystem,” commented Mr. Philip Heah, Assistant Chief Executive, Technology Infrastructure Group, IMDA.

“This platform will bring the key stakeholders of the blockchain ecosystem closer together, consolidating efforts towards mass adoption. We’re excited to be working with Tribe Accelerator and its partners to cultivate a stronger blockchain environment, and help homegrown companies develop, innovate, and navigate today’s digital landscape,” Mr. Philip Heah continued.

In addition to partnering IMDA, OpenNodes is supported by an initial group of more than 20 organizations, including:

A key feature will be a directory listing of various stakeholders in Singapore’s blockchain ecosystem which facilitates the discovery of market and collaboration opportunities.

For example, start-ups can form industry-specific working groups with various founding members to discuss how blockchain can be used across various verticals, such as mobility and healthcare.

Companies will also be able to connect with other global blockchain communities in cities such as Berlin, Hong Kong, New York, San Francisco, Seoul, Shanghai, and Zug to form one dynamic network of global partners.

Apart from driving connectivity and collaboration, OpenNodes will also bridge the blockchain knowledge gap and talent gap in the blockchain landscape – both of which are integral to innovation and the growth of a strong ecosystem. This platform will provide highly curated educational content which will help enterprises glean insights into blockchain technology.

Thought-provoking discussions led by leaders of different industries will also be enabled through this platform, allowing individuals and enterprises to learn about new trends in the market. Additionally, there will also be job listings that will connect talents with blockchain skills to recruiters, facilitating effective collaboration for blockchain projects.

Developing an Open Blockchain Ecosystem for All

Growing the blockchain ecosystem in Singapore requires a concerted effort from the various stakeholders involved. Initiatives such as this, which are spearheaded by the blockchain community, but supported by the government and corporates, will help bridge the gap between translating blockchain concepts into real products.

“Building a community that encourages blockchain innovation amongst corporations, government agencies and innovators has long been a core objective of Tribe Accelerator, and our involvement in this initiative brings us another step closer towards achieving that. We want this platform to serve as an accessible common ground for blockchain special interest groups and business ecosystems to come together, and advance blockchain adoption,” commented Ryan Chew, Managing Partner of Tribe Accelerator.

OpenNodes is expected to be launched to the public at the end of this year. Companies keen to be part of the community can begin indicating their interest via OpenNodeswebsite in the meantime.