Pledgecamp IEO on OKEx Jumpstart to launch on August 22

Pledgecamp becomes the seventh project to get listed on OKEx’s token sale platform

Pledgecamp’s IEO on OKEx’s token sale platform, OK Jumpstart – will launch on Thursday, August 22. In the process, it will only become the seventh token sale on the platform, following – Echoin, Eminer, WIREX, En-Tan-Mo, ALLIVE, and Blockcloud. OKEx is the largest exchange ranked by CoinMarketCap (by adjusted volume).

What is Pledgecamp?

Pledgecamp is a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform which is looking to disrupt the multi-billion dollar crowdfunding industry. Pledgecamp combines traditional crowdfunding with blockchain technology to create a system, dubbed Crowdfunding 2.0. Pledgecamp will leverage smart contracts to create an escrow system called “Backer Insurance.” This system will protect investors during the crowdfunding process. Their main goal is to build a platform between companies and communities while giving everyone in the world the opportunity to become an entrepreneur.

Details about the IEO

The IEO will be launched on August 22 and the first subscription session will open at 06:00 (CEST, UTC+2), and the second session will begin at 07:00 (CEST, UTC+2). The rules of the IEO are as follows.

First Session

Second Session

What to keep in mind before the IEO

Distribution & Lock-up Period of PLG tokens

Pledgecamp’s main goal right now is adoption. The way to do that is to reach out to as many people as possible and get more potential investors. The OKEx IEO will provide the credibility and liquidity necessary to attract more investors and startups into the ecosystem.

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