Loyyal gets new investments to grow its blockchain rewards platform in Asia

New investment from Asian firms will help provide Loyyal access to the Asian market

Loyyal, a proprietary blockchain and smart contract technology powering an interoperable loyalty and rewards platform, has announced that it has received investments from three leading Asia-based firms, Unblock Ventures Limited – LINE Corporation’s blockchain investment company, Recruit Co., Ltd., and Monex Group, Inc.

Together, these firms provide Loyyal with exceptional access to the Asian market for loyalty and incentives, among the largest in the world with over 80% consumer adoption across the Retail, Travel & Hospitality, and Services sectors.

“Having worked in Tokyo’s banking sector for several years earlier in my career, I’m intimately aware of how powerful loyalty programs are in the region. This perspective factored greatly to our initial concepts when creating Loyyal, so it’s a culmination of those aspirations to now have the support of Unblock Ventures, subsidiary of LINE Corporation, Recruit Co., Ltd., and Monex Group in expanding our growing client based across Asia-Pacific.”
– Greg Simon, CEO, and Founder of Loyyal

One of Loyyal’s original series seed investor, Dubai-based Hayaat Group, also participating in this round.

“Monex Group, through its investments and partnerships, is focused on the future of money, and Loyyal’s platform presents the most capable approach we have seen to bring liquidity to the more than five trillion US dollars worth of value locked up globally in consumer’s loyalty accounts. There is a large market opportunity in Asia-Pacific for Loyyal, and we’re excited to be part of expanding Loyyal’s capacity here in Japan.”
– Oki Matsumoto, Chairman, and CEO of Monex Group, Inc.

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