BlockTower Capital launches competition to recruit crypto asset analyst

Institutional crypto asset firm want to scale and grow investment team

blocktower crypto blockchain

BlockTower Capital, a crypto asset and blockchain investment firm, today announced the launch of the first annual BlockTower Investment Analyst Competition.

The firm wants to leverage the competition as a way to source high-quality talent as it expands.

BlockTower’s Investment Analyst Competition will be open for submissions until July 1, 2019. Applicants will be asked to conduct primary research, prepare models and analysis, and submit an investment recommendation on a specific crypto asset, project, or idea.

The top three winners will be awarded the following in consecutive order:

Applicants interested in submitting for the competition can visit the competition page.

“The competition will provide us with a powerful tool to continue to surface exceptional talent. The skill-sets and types of expertise that are important in crypto asset investing differ in many ways from those of investment analysts in the world of traditional finance. Similarly, so too do the geographic locations and backgrounds of these outstanding potential candidates.”
– Matthew Goetz, CEO, and Co-Founder of BlockTower

As part of the competition, written submissions will be reviewed and the winners will have the opportunity to present their investment thesis to BlockTower’s founders, including Matthew and the firm’s Chief Investment Officer, Ari Paul.

Ari has helped drive the institutional advancement of crypto markets, drawing on his background with the technology along with his experience as a Portfolio Manager for The University of Chicago’s $8 billion endowment portfolio, and a professional trader at Susquehanna International Group.

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